3D Printing

We offer 3D Printing Services for small volume parts & prototyping
Are you prototyping? In need of low-volume parts not viable for injection molding?
Our additive manufacturing machines are a g
ood replacement for traditional subtractive machining methods, providing faster turnaround and relatively lower costs

The Additive Manufacturing Advantage
can handle unique design features such as internal structures and voids which are impossible to achieve using traditional subtractive machining methods such as CNC.
FDM 3D Printing
  • PLA - Low Cost, Rigid
  • PETG - Low Cost, Tough
  • ABS - Tough, Mid-High Temp
  • ASA - UV Resistant, High Temp
  • TPU - Flexible, Rubber-Like
  • PA-CF - Nylon CarbonFiber, Tough, High Temp
  • PC - Rigid, High Temp
MSLA 3D Printing
  • 30-50μm Resolution
  • Acrylic-Urethane Tough Resin (Hardness D85)
  • ABS-Like Resin (Hardness D72)
  • PU-Like Resin (Hardness D65)
What we can do
  • Iterative Prototype Parts
  • Low-Volume, light - medium duty parts (e.g. Sensor Bracket, Jigs, Fixtures)
  • Part cloning (Replacements/Spares)
  • Architectural Models (e.g. Exhibition Miniatures)
  • Engineering Models/Samples (e.g. Exhibition Miniatures)
  • Product Scale Model (e.g. Exhibition Miniatures)
Case Studies

Customised award for Fiber Optic Technicians.
Design to product sample in 4 days.

Angle Brackets for Aluminum Profile System.
Printed in PA12-CF, these brackets are used as structural components.

Cloned replacement part. (Original part: Left)
Design to Fabrication (50pcs) in <1 week

Architectural Model miniature

Scaled down to 1inch size

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