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Kawada Linear Bushing Lubrication

Oct 2, 2021


Kawada Linear Bushings require grease or oil as lubricant for optimal operation.

Our Linear Bushings come pre-lubricated from the factory. However, you may choose to apply additional/replacement lubrication as required.

This document will cover the basic principles of Linear Bushing lubrication.

Grease Lubrication

Before mounting the product onto the LM shaft, apply grease to each row of balls inside the Guide Ball Bushing. 

Thereafter apply grease as necessary, in accordance with usage and other conditions as required,

if housing with grease nipple & channel are present as shown in Fig.1, apply grease with a grease gun,
or apply grease directly to the LM shaft, after cleaning the shaft of any debris.

We recommend using high-quality lithium-soap group grease No. 2. (aka NLGI Grade 2 Grease)

Oil Lubrication

To lubricate, apply lubricant to the LM shaft one drop at a time, as needed, or through housing with grease nipple & channel
as shown in Fig.1 , in the same manner as when lubricating with grease.

Commonly used lubricants include turbine oil, machine oil, and spindle oil.

Grease Consistency

The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2,
which has the stiffness of peanut butter.

Grades within this range can operate in a higher temperature range and at higher speeds than NLGI grades 000-0.

Greases for bearings are typically NLGI grade 1,2, or 3.


Display Cabinet

Sep 16, 2021
Custom display cabinet with castors for easy transport and relocation.

Assembly Workbench

Jun 28, 2021
Custom size assembly workbench with overhead light, tool suspension hook and parts shelf.

Fold Away Doors

Jun 28, 2021
Special space saving design allows for extra wide access area without sacrificing space infront of the enclosure.

Sliding Partitions

Jun 28, 2021

3D CAD Files - Solidworks Weldment Profiles

Jun 21, 2021
3D CAD Files - Solidworks Weldment Profiles
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Solidworks library feature parts for weldment structure drawings. Download

All 3D Files and Profile Designs are wholly owned by Wheeler Mectrade (S) Pte Ltd & Wheeler Mectrade Sdn Bhd

How to Install & Use?

The default location for weldment profiles is install_dir\lang\language\weldment profiles.

The sub-folder structure within the weldment profiles folder determines the selections that appear in the Structural Member PropertyManager.

The Selections box from the PropertyManager and the corresponding File Explorer folder and file structure are set up as follows:
  • home folder. Contains one or more standard folders. In the example below, weldment profiles is the home folder, and contains two standard folders (ansi inch and iso). In the PropertyManager, the name of each standard folder appears as a selection in Standard.
  • standard folders. Contain one or more type folders, for example angle ironc channelpipe, and so on. In the PropertyManager, after a Standard is selected, the names of each of its type sub-folders appear in Type.
  • type folders. Contain one or more library feature parts. In the PropertyManager, after a Type is selected, the names of the library feature parts appear in Size.
Structural Member PropertyManager and File Explorer:

Source: Solidworks Help

Kawada Linear Motion Products

Jun 17, 2021

Encompassing a full range of industry standard Linear Bushings and Shafts, Kawada Linear Motion products provide a best-in-class combination of Value and Performance.

All Kawada Linear Bushings follow the Japanese Metric Standard

View the complete range here

Bizsafe Level 3 Certified

Jan 9, 2021
We are certified Bizsafe Level 3

COVID-19 UV Sterilization Cabinet

Jan 7, 2021
COVID-19 UV Sterilization Cabinet
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Tags: COVID19 Healthcare Medical Project

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